The first four of the 14 winners of the 2020 competition of the Yessenov Foundation’s Research Internships program finally departs for their labs. Their dates were moved by a year by the global pandemic. The Kazakhstanis received invitations to undergo internships from the end of May to September of this year.

Sultan Kobeyev (specialty: Civil and Environmental Engineering) has already flown to Spain, to the town of Lleida, at the local university of which he will work in the laboratory. And his compatriot Dias Argandykov (specialty: Medicine) is already in Boston. The future doctor will settle in the Massachusetts General Hospital. He has the longest internship of all the winners – almost a year. The student received a grant not only from the Yessenov Foundation, but also from the hospital, which will cover the costs for the rest of the internship period.

Arslan Zhunisov (specialty: Chemical and Materials Engineering) received an invitation to the University of California, Berkeley, where he will spend time usefully at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. Yernur Nurambek (specialty: Electrical and Electronic Engineering) was invited by the laboratory located also in California, but in Chico and also the one in Boulder, Colorado. Arslan and Yernur are currently in the process of obtaining an American visa. As soon as it is received, the guys will be able to fly out of Kazakhstan: the flexible schedule of the internship allows them to start their research later than it was scheduled.

Arailym Kamzabek (specialty: General Medicine) is one more winner of the Research Internships, who was unable to realize her grant due to the global lockdown. The girl received an invitation from the Mayo Clinic in San Francisco — one of the largest private medical and research centers in the world. Her internship is planned for the period of October – December. Then Arailym independently plans to continue the internship for another 3 months, but already at the University of California in San Francisco, — said the program coordinator of the Yessenov Foundation Aigerim Sultan.

She added that the foundation is currently working on sending another winner of the 2020 Research Internship program, a Nazarbayev University graduate Eugeniy Kim (specialty: General Medicine), to the laboratory of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. It is planned that at the end of June, the Kazakh master’s student will go to the country where his internship will take place.

According to the foundation, the winners of last year’s competition for internships in IT startups in th US, unfortunately, have no news to share yet. Only Zhanar Tanirbergenova is currently approaching the time of departure, she tries to get help from the Cultural Vistas. The other four winners didn’t even receive an invitation. This is due to the fact that American startups, due to the great difficulties and responsibilities that the American migration authorities impose on them in the case of hiring a professional from abroad, tend to organize work with such specialists remotely.

The winners of the foundation’s programs and the employees of the Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation continue to work on the implementation of the grants until the end of 2021, as previously promised by the founder and trustee of the foundation, Galimzhan Yessenov.

20.05.21, Newsfeed

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