UPD Dear participants of the Find Your Way conference, due to the situation with the coronavirus, after consultations with the Ministry of education of Kazakhstan, KBTU and Almaty akimat, we decided to postpone the event. We will inform you about the new date of the event, and all the registration that has already been completed will be valid.

The third conference for high school students within the Find Your Way series will be held in Almaty on Saturday, March 14. Its main topic will be “Life-long Learning”. 13 experts will take part in the conference and share their knowledge with young Kazakhstan citizens in different spheres of life and career relevant for schoolchildren. The meeting is organized by the Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation.

The meeting will be attended by students of 9th, 10th and 11th grades of city schools. The organizers also invite first-year students who will receive a lot of useful information from the project’s lecturers. Alyona Tkachenko, Executive Director and co-founder of the Nommi startup, who was included in the Forbes 30U30 symbolic list, is among those opening the meeting. Sergey Kovalenko, Chairman of the Board of ATF Bank, will continue this segment of the event. He will tell why life-long learning is a common thing for every person in the XXI century and will also reveal the secret of the connection between one stage of obtaining skills and knowledge with the next.

— At Find Your Way-3, participants will learn how to choose a profession today and whether it is possible in principle to choose a single one for life, how to learn from their own and others ‘ mistakes and build their lives and careers in a constantly changing world. After the previous meetings, we conducted a survey among the participants, and the feedback we received helped us form the program and the list of invited coaches,” said Sergey Levadny, program coordinator of the Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation.

Participants of the meeting will learn the skills of self-analysis and critical thinking, learn whether there is a life after UNT, why each of us has its own cost and what it means, and also get first-hand information about the most popular professional field today — data analysis. Among the speakers this time are Konstantin Kunitsa, Executive Director of the recruitment company HireBee Kazakhstan, Balzhan Baisheva, a psychologist and professional identification specialist, and Vitaly Buzhan, an entrepreneur and coach. Interactive sessions will be held by the founders of the innovative educational project @nanogeroi Alisher Sadykov and Vladimir Kushchenko, permanent speakers of Find Your Way. Moreover, Alisher is invited to host the opening of the conference.

– Children will understand that analyzing their lives and identifying their weaknesses and strengths is a springboard for future growth and a catalyst for change. An honest and objective self-assessment with an understanding of who you are and where you need to move is the foundation of correct goal-setting and the way to a better version of yourself, – says Alisher Sadykov.

Registration for the event, which will be held at the Kazakh-British Technical University, will soon open on the foundation’s website. Participation in Find Your Way is traditionally free.

Taking part in Find Your Way will be useful for every applicant. The concentrate of knowledge that they will receive here will help them make the right decisions and determine the success of their next steps for many years to come,” says Yekaterina Smolyakova, Vice-Rector for Organizational and Educational Work of KBTU.

19.02.20, Newsfeed

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