A competition for Kazakh IT-specialists for internship in Silicon Valley has started in Almaty. Already 15 winners of this competition have gained experience in American startups. They will soon be joined by five more winners of the new competition. Applications will be accepted until October 20 inclusive.

— This is the fourth time we hold a competition, and its importance is not declining. Every year we receive up to 80 applications. The startup gets qualified employees, and Kazakhstan – top-ranking IT-specialists. The foundation’s founder Galimzhan Yessenov, believes that this is facilitated by immersion in the environment, culture of Silicon Valley, dating, personal contacts with professionals. Live participation in conferences, meetups is an experience that, upon returning, helps you find work in international multinational companies, open your own business,create branches of American startups,  – Roumissa Bashaeva, the Project Manager of the Scientific and Educational Foundation named after Academician Shakhmardan Yessenov, said.

One of the secrets of the program popularity is the high competitiveness of our compatriots. Benjamin Ross (pictured), the Founder and CTO of POWr startup, specializing in developing of plugins for corporate websites, gave an opinion about them:
— When the interns from Kazakhstan came to us, they were surprised by the rapid growth of our business. They were also shocked by the lack of horse meat in the diet of San Francisco residents.J They quickly blended into the team, shared the rich cultural traditions of your country and a sense of humor. But the main thing is their dedication and commitment when it comes to producing a cool product. I can’t imagine our work without them, – B. Ross said.

The internship lasts six months. Five winners find a suitable startup, and the foundation fully pays for their flights, accommodation, meals, work visa and health insurance. American startup gets an intern whom it does not have to pay a salary, and an IT-specialists — an opportunity to significantly improve their skills and raise their qualifications, including in the field of business management.

Abay Nusipbekov(pictured), one of the first winners of the competition, worked in a startup selling tickets events (LEA, fka Amplify Live):
— I was developing a chat bot that gave recommendations and helped to buy tickets. Now I work as a lecturer of Deep Learning at the Suleyman Demirel University in Almaty. The internship was productive, helped to gain new experience, make good friends, opened up new opportunities. This year, for example, I went with guest lectures to Hoff University, Germany, where I told about how to inline Deep Learning models into web-services.

Every year the number of girls applying for the contest and winning the foundation grant is growing. Aigerim Sagandykova from Semey, the winner of last year’s competition will soon finish her internship (Healthiest startup):
— We make a plugin that helps people to buy only healthy products on the Internet. Crystal, the Executive Director, helps me to become stronger as a developer and explore the startup backstage: I visited a lot of meet-ups and investor meetings. Time in the Valley changed me. Also my approach to work and time management, priorities and even views on life got changed. I’ve made a lot of friends who have a lot to learn from. Upon my return, I will share my experience and help the guys to achieve more. The more Kazakhs will go abroad, the more useful it will be for our country, — Aigerim said.

The competition is open to adult Kazakhs with a bachelor’s degree, work experience of a year or more in the field of IT and good skills in English. The competition will be held in 3 stages. The names of its winners will be known by the end of the year.

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