Kuat Madeniyet

Specialization: Data Engineer. Winner of programs: Yessenov Data Lab, Yessenov Launch Pad.

Kuat, 25, is from Semey. Three years ago, he won the competition of the Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation and graduated from the two–month summer school on big data – Yessenov Data Lab (YDL). And in 2022, he tried his luck again and won the Yessenov Launch Pad grant competition for extra education in IT sphere. Having completed his studies at the university in 2020, a grant that a young Kazakhstani won let him to participate in the Yandex Practicum courses. Already 2 months after the start of his studies, he received a job offer from two leading banks in Kazakhstan at once and accepted one of them, and after a while he also accepted the offer of a leading oil and gas company.

How and when did it happen that you chose the IT field and Data Engineering?
After graduated from the YDL, I became interested in data science, defended my diploma on the topic “Using machine learning in the classification of histological images in the detection of breast cancer.” In addition to the model for classifications, I made a front for loading images, which displayed the result in a second. I really enjoyed doing development back then. I decided to develop in the field of data processing and analysis after communicating with teachers from Yandex at YDL.

How did you learn about the competition and how did you win them?
I learned about YDL from friends when I studied back at the Nazarbayev University. It was interesting to spend the summer in Almaty and learn data analysis. And when I saw the teaching staff and the program of the school, I was eager to win. The competition was held in several stages – technical and psychological. I won both, I think, thanks to my university training and a well-written motivation letter, where I indicated why I needed the program and how it would affect my career. I remember the professional approach of the expert commission of the competition, which determined the level of development of soft and hard skills of candidates and the fact that everything was held in a friendly atmosphere.

Kuat, what advice can you give to future applicants?
I think the main thing is not to be afraid and apply. This is especially important during your student years, because the program can affect both you and your profession: what if you will be interested in data analysis and processing. I also advise them to learn how to write motivational letters, with a clear structure, indicating your strengths and answers to all the questions specified in the program provision.

What did you learn while studying in the programs of the Yessenov Foundation?
At YDL, we mainly went through data analysis and processing. Most of all, I remember that 60-70% of the data specialist’s time is spent on preparing and cleaning data. This is exactly what the data engineer is doing, which is my position now.

What are you planning to do in the next couple of years?
Now I am taking courses from Alexey Dral from the Big Data Team. Upon graduation, I will be a specialist at a more advanced level – Big Data Engineer++. Alexey and his team taught us back at YDL in 2019, and I really liked their intensive approach and focus on practice. I will complete the courses and begin to develop as a Big Data Engineer through practical activities.

What are your interests besides IT?
I like hiking in the mountains. When I studied at YDL, we often gathered with the guys and went to Furmanov Peak (its height 2985 m), we got to it in 4 hours. Last year we gathered again – after all, we have been in touch since that time – and once again made the ascent. And I’m also a coffee lover: I like to brew different types of coffee on a coffee machine, try different varieties, experiment with the degree of roasting and assemble accessories for a coffee machine.

What is the most important thing in life for you?
Maintaining health, maintaining a life/work balance and, of course, taking care of loved ones.

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