Student Zhuldyz Darynova made a report at the International Scientific Conference that took place in the United States. The girl is a fourth-year student of Chemical Engineering. The Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation has allocated grant to Zhuldyz so she could attend the annual meeting of the International Society of Sciences contributing to improving human health and the environment (ISES). The event was held in Durham, USA.

Zhuldyz presented to scientists from 45 countries all over the world the results of her work within the framework of a Research group of Nazarbayev University students supervised by Professor Mehdi Torkmahalleh. There are 20 Bachelors, Masters and Doctors in the group. The aim of the Project that Zhuldyz elaborated on was to assess the concentration of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in the atmosphere of Kazakhstan. In the study, the group relied on satellite data provided by NASA.

— Why do we need to monitor the level of this poisonous gas in the air? Because the higher the level of NO2 – the more negatively our respiratory system perceives it. The Project identified the main sources of air pollution in the three cities of Kazakhstan, — says Darynova.

It is interesting that she studied in her work the impact of certain events, laws and even constructions on the level of nitrogen dioxide in Kazakhstan. The United States have extensive experience in reducing the level of this gas in the atmosphere that is why participation of the Kazakhstan researcher at the annual scientific meeting in the country was not accidental.

— From the reports that have been announced at the Meeting, I realized that most of the researchers all over the world conduct their researches on environmental problems mainly in developing countries. Kazakhstan is not in this list, because the situation here is not so bad compared to other countries. Nevertheless if we do not try to solve this problem now, the low level of nitrogen dioxide will rise fast and drastically. And cost of reduction the NO2 pollution will be much higher in the future than it is today. I wish the Fund every success and hope that you will always be a bridge between researchers and opportunities — shared Zhuldyz.

18.10.17, Newsfeed

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