Nadir Zhamantai

Specialization: Chemical Technology of Organic Substances. Yessenov Scholarship Recipient.

The 3rd-year undergraduate student of al-Farabi Kazakh National University is only 19 years old. Nadir is from the small village of Karabulak near Taldykorgan in Almaty region. He grew up in an intelligent family, the guy knows the names of all his ancestors. His present day are the pursuit of excellence in his profession, plans to enter a master’s degree program in a European university and the status of the winner of the scholarship competition of the Yessenov Foundation.

What are your most vivid memories from your childhood?
The first thing that comes to mind is how I went fishing with my dad. We were fishing for trout on the Koksu river, and I was lucky enough to catch the first fish. How can you forget that?

Why and how did you choose this particular specialty?
Once, when I was in the 9th grade, when I saw bags full of garbage on the streets of the city, I was thinking about the amount of damage that we — humans — do to nature. After that, I decided to enroll in the specialty Chemical Engineering. A specialist in chemical technologies is a complex, specific and responsible profession, but it is in demand and relevant. For me, it is important in what place and in what ecological environment me, my children and grandchildren will live. In science, I am interested in studying how to achieve environmental cleanliness of oil production and transportation processes. For example, during transportation, the problem can be solved by adding additives. In general, I consider it important for humanity to solve the issue of the development of science without doing harm to the planet.

In a year, you finish your bachelor’s degree, what are your future plans?
I will apply for a master’s degree, most likely at universities in Germany.

Why and how did you decide to participate in the scholarship competition of the Yessenov foundation?
In the first year, the mentor introduced us to a student who had done a research internship under the foundation’s program. That was the first time I learned about the foundation, got interested, and decided to take part in a competition. For me, it was not only a challenge, but also a way to test my abilities.

Why do you think the jury has chosen you as the winner out of 500 participants?
I think, because at each stage I was able to demonstrate my knowledge, achievements, and qualities. In the final, for example, our logic, emotional intelligence and ability to think in extreme situations were tested. I became one of the 25 winners, so I deserved it.

What are your personal interests?
Since I was young, I like to read classic books — the kind where the protagonist is romantic and strong personality, and where there is a place for science fiction too. Such books include, for example, “Spartacus” by Raffaello Giovagnoli or “Journey to the Center of the Earth” by Jules Verne. I love learning languages. In English, I have already achieved a B2 level, my German is still in the initial stage of the process.

17.03.21, Stories

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