The Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation is now upgrading its English program. The choice of the regional University to hold the course will be based on the results of a competition, which starts on February 19 and will last until March 31.

All regional universities of Kazakhstan can take part in the competition. By applying, they enter the competition for the right to hold the English language program at their University.

— The selection of the winning University will be carried out by the Expert Council of the foundation.  Selection is carried out in two stages. In the first, the UNIVERSITY makes its application. After the end of the first stage, the expert Council will select 4 applicants, with the most appropriate conditions corresponding to the “Program Regulations.” In the second phase, foundation staff will visit the best universities of the competition and assess their organizational and technical capabilities. According to the foundation’s program coordinator, Nursultan Nurmukhanov: “ by the end of April, we will name the winning University. We expect that as a result of the 2019-2021 program, 160 students, teachers, masters and doctoral students will seriously improve their English proficiency.”

The selection of students and teachers to attend the course will take place at the winning institution in September 2019, and they will begin studying in October. The program will be conducted exclusively by native speakers.

This program is implemented by the Foundation in partnership with Bonas McFarlane Kazakhstan and one of its goals is to improve the English level of students and teachers in their particular field of specialization. A three-year program has already been completed at the Caspian University of technology and engineering in Aktau in which more than 250 teachers and students took. In 2017, the program started at the Kyzylorda State Korkyt Ata University. In the first year, 90 students  and 30 teachers benefited from improved English as a result of the program. In this final year of the program there, 90 students and 45 teachers will benefit.

13.02.19, Newsfeed

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