Adila Izgutdina

Specialty: Medicine. Internship: University of California, USA

A young woman from Kostanay, graduate student of the capital’s School of Medicine. As a doctor, this year, she is most interested in news related to medicine, biology and COVID-19. Adila is actively engaged in learning about the latest scientific discoveries, but does not abandon her passion for music, singing, student theater, and recently – flamenco. After winning the Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation competition a year ago, she was awarded an internship at the University in San Francisco. We ask her how the internship went and get to know about what she is doing in her life now.

What was the grant competition like for you?
The most memorable moment for me was the second round. It was incredibly important and quite interesting for me to see, hear and meet so many smart contestants from all over the country. I realized that everyone around me was insanely talented, striving for knowledge and self-development, and that competing with them would not be a stroll in the park. So I found the second round to be quite a fascinating experience. I was thrilled by the interesting challenges that we were offered to overcome and solve, plus the teamwork.

How was your internship, Adila?
I can only describe it as completely fascinating. My internship in the United States provided me the unique opportunity to not only study the technical aspects of scientific work, but also learn about what a scientist’s career is like in general. I learned a lot from my colleagues at the lab. I was lucky to have mentors who supported and helped me learn in every possible way. In my spare time, I got acquainted with San Francisco. This city has quite a liberal spirit.  I attended performances at improv theaters and museums. The city is believed to have the most interesting stand up scene in the country, and I went to a few comedians’ shows. I traveled a lot around the city, surrounded by quite breathtaking nature.

What can you say are your main achievements during your internship?
The lab where I was stationed studies the development of diseases such as cancer and hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia. My project involved studying a model of this disease using the lymphatic and vascular systems of mice as an example. I performed tissue analysis and made conclusions that contributed to the final results of the entire study. What did I gain from the internship? I am now definitely more knowledgeable, I now use the scientific method to process any type of information in my head, and I have learned to independently interpret experimental data. And, of course, I have made friends and found mentors to whom I can always turn with questions.

It is now a year since you concluded the internship. What are your plans for next year?
I always dreamed of becoming a doctor and a scientist, of being equally involved in science and clinical work. After completing my master’s degree, I am working in a laboratory and also preparing for my exams to continue to my doctorate. I can’t say where I plan to go yet.

Science, theater and flamenco aside, what else fancies your interest, Adila?
I love to travel, and spend time surrounded by nature, especially in the company of my friends and family. That is the best vacation for me. I visit the museum and theater and listen to live music every chance I get.

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