About 170 school students participated in the Find Your Way event held in Almaty. The purpose of the meeting was to teach graduate students to achieve everything in the life under their own stream. The event was arranged by the Academic Shakhmardan Yessenov Science and Education Foundation. 

“The subject matter of our event is how to be able to say to yourself: I am a self-made person, I have achieved everything by myself without the help of wealthy relatives and good offices. And, as you could see for yourself, 15 our speakers, using their own examples, showed the guys that this is quite possible,” the project coordinator of Sh. Yessenov Foundation and triathlete Sergey Levadny said.

The Director of Code4U Aigul Imadildaeva and the chemist and scientific entrepreneur Dias Tastanbekov addressed the participants. They taught them to “listen to their hearts”, not forgetting about economic interests. The winner of the World Chess Olympiad Gulmira Dauletova told about strategic planning, prioritization and how to be a champion in one’s profession and manage to do everything for the family. All of them have achieved success and are building a career by own efforts.

The champion of Almaty and Kazakhstan in bodybuilding Ruslan Shagaliyev and the participant of the Olympic Games, hockey player Anna Akimbeteva explained to the audience how to reveal yourself in sports and reach a peak in one’s profession with its help. The expert in the field of healthy nutrition, Katarina Maksimenko, has destroyed the common myths about different foodstuffs and taught the youngsters to competently build a diet and manage their energy.

“It was especially useful for me to find out everything related to traineeships and work – how to present oneself, how and what to specify in the CV. Because I wish to work in a large company, and in the summer I will start a traineeship. It was a very insightful meeting,” narrated one of the students who attended the event.

Psychologists and trainers Lala Samsa and Daria Kobzeva also participated in Find Your Way. Their presentation was dedicated to the issue of how to find resources for increasing personal effectiveness and how to draw up a plan for achieving one’s goals. Future graduates of Almaty schools who came to Narхoz that day also learned how to properly lineup goalsand not to go astray, how to find a traineeship, how to turn your hobby into a dream job, and why failures are useful.

“I told girls and boys how to find a congenial employment. Since they need to start doing it now. Further, having written the first lines of the CV, they will suddenly realize that it already works for them. I told the youngsters that even their social media accounts should be used to position themselves as professionals. In my experience, students are usually not so involved, but to my mind, very pertinent youngsters have gathered here,” Marina Dorofeeva, a career consultant shared her impressions of the meeting.

In August, the first event of the Find Your Way series was held in Almaty. It aimed at checking skills of 15-17-year-old Kazakhstanis that would be extremely useful to them in their student life. More than 200 teenagers and freshmen attended the meeting then. Sh. Yessenov Foundation plans to carry on realization of Find Your Way in the coming 2020.

4.12.19, Newsfeed

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