“Find Your Way” – the name of the campaign which has taken place in Almaty. Its goal is to help high school students, college students and first-year students to spend their student lives as efficiently and interestingly as possible. The event was attended by 200 young people of the age of 15-18 years old. 12 experts shared their own secrets of personal and professional growth with them.

— Of the more than 500 people who registered for the event online, more than 200 young people came to it with the desire to spend the next few years of their life interestingly and intensively. We told them how to effectively use this time, what resources to use to help yourself, how to make learning interesting,” – reported Sergey Levadny, the project coordinator of the Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation.

Event organizers plan to conduct “Find Your Way” on a quarterly basis focusing on topics relevant to students in the last grades of schools. The last meeting lasted four hours, each of the participants had the opportunity to choose lectures and interactive games in accordance with their interests. During this time, experts from Narxoz University and, HiPo and MyFutureToday, and other reputable organizations and companies of Kazakhstan had their speeches in front of the young people.

Soft Skills Qazaqstan founder Vladimir Kushchenko, who also spoke and hosted the event, explained to the youth why some people achieve everything, others – nothing, why it is important to correctly recognize the emotions of other people and what is emotional intelligence.
— We are glad that so many young people have come to visit this event. All of them are full of energy and it would be great if they used the know-how that we announced today. And judging by the feedback that we have already managed to get, young people understood the meaning of things revealed and discussed during the event,” – summed up Vladimir Kushchenko.

The specialist in the field of job search Aleksandra Pak (HiPo) told young people about her first day at a new job, and in fact – about her big failure from which she managed to learn a lesson. She shared the secret of finding the company of her dreams, behaviour during the interview and adaptation at the workplace. The dean for work with students, Dana Shayakhmet (Narxoz University), told the participants about how to get work experience without prejudice to studying at a university and what opportunities appear when entering a university. And Dana Ziyabekova (Education USA) gave advice to those wishing to take international exams and enter foreign higher education institutions. Among other topics, discussed on Find Your Way, were time planning, deadlines, priority setting, endangered and sought-after professions, design thinking and fact checking.

Each lecture of the event lasted no more than 30 minutes, and interactive games and communication consolidated the assimilation of the material by the participants. Schoolchildren also had the opportunity to have a snack between lectures. All participants spoke in favour of continuing such meetings in the future.

26.08.19, Newsfeed

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