98 applications were received by the Shakhmardan Yessenov Science and Education Foundation for its competition. Five future winners will go to American IT startups, where they will undergo a six-month internship.

Most of the participants – 42 of them – come from Almaty, much less of them represent such cities as Shymkent, Semey, Taraz and Karaganda (from 5 to 9 participants from each of the above mentioned cities). 78 of the applicants are already mature specialists with a significant business portfolio, 20 of the participants are young people still continueing their studies in higher education institutions. Front End, Back End and Data Scientist – this is how most of the contenders presented themselves, 13 applicants are participants (and some winners) of competitions of other programs of the Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation of past years — Yessenov Data Lab, research and IT internships.

This year, applications were accepted automatically online for the first time. At this stage, the staff of the non-profit organization conduct the selection of applications for the second round.

— When evaluating applications, we take into account the technical competence of candidates, their experience in the field of IT, pay special attention to their motivation letters.  After that – by November 7 approximately – we will select about 35 participants for the next stage of the competition – it depends on the quality of the applications received. It will be held as a Skype interview with experts of the Foundation. Among them are Eldar Akhmetgaliev, Erlan Idelbaev, Tamirlan Seidakhmetov and Nurlybek Kasimov. During the interview, our experts will not only make sure of the high professional level of the applicants for the grant, but also check their level of motivation and, of course, the level of English proficiency, – said the Program Manager Roumissa Bashayeva.

According to the information provided by the Fund, by November 26, the list of participants will be published who passed to the third and final stage of the competition of internships in IT startups of America. The third stage of the competition in online mode tests the psychological qualities and level of reproduction of candidates. And by December 5, we will know the names of the winners, who together with the Foundation will pick up a startup, after which the process of obtaining work visas and other documents will begin.

Let us mention that the Shakhmardan Yessenov Science and Education Foundation fully covers the payment of visas, flights, health insurance, accommodation and food of Kazakhstanis in the United States. During the six months of internship, our young people get invaluable experience in programming and managing a startup, make contacts that have a beneficial effect on their career and business upon returning to Kazakhstan.

25.10.19, Newsfeed

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