On December 9, the acceptance of applications for the competition in the scientific internship program was completed. This year they amounted to 212. Academician Shahmardan Yesenov Scientific and Educational Foundation is hosting the scholarship competition for the 7th time. Over this period , about 80 young Kazakh people have completed the internships in the best laboratories in 12 countries. This year 17 more people will be added.

— We have introduced an online platform using which we accept applications, moreover, we have limited the number of documents. If previously the applicants sent a lot of certificates and various diplomas of merits, this year we asked them to focus exactly on those achievements that best reflect their scientific and social activities. — speaks Tokhtar Yeskendirov, Project Coordinator, Yessenov Foundation.

Taking into account that some of the contestants experienced technical difficulties in applying, the Foundation decided to allow them to send applications by email, extending the deadline until midnight December 9. Over the period of its existence, the program has experienced many changes. In the first year, only 9 scholarships were distributed. Experiments were conducted to send Kazakhstan people for the internships in China and the UK, and the program for young specialists and undergraduates began as a separate internship.

— Hiting and missing, we have come to the conclusion that now, as part of this competition, masters, working young specialists and undergraduate students of 2, 3 years and senior can equally participate, which is relevant for medical specialties. For the second year in a row, the Foundation has been distributing 17 scholarships, – Tokhtar adds.

From December 10 to 25, the Foundation experts will evaluate applications and select about 40-50 candidates to participate in the second stage – a business game. During the game, which will be held from January 10 to 19 in Almaty and Nur-Sultan, participants will be given situational cases that will allow the organizers of the competition to get better idea of the personal qualities of the applicants. In the third round, the contestants will be given an online test to identify their individual psychological instruments. According to the results of all stages of the competition, by the end of January, the Foundation will announce the names of 17 winners.

As reported by Yessenov Foundation, representatives of such fields of knowledge as chemistry, physics, mathematics, information technology, medicine, biology, engineering, geology, etc. take part in the struggle for the Foundation’s internship. Among the leading cities of the participants, just as in previous years, Almaty is leading, and it is followed by Taraz, Karaganda and Shymkent; 35 scholarship applicants are natives of small towns, regional centers and rural settlements of the country. 92 applications were received from students of 2-3 years of universities. More than half of the participants in this year’s program competition are students of Nazarbayev University, half of the applicants are women.

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