November 11. One more of Almaty’s university – Almaty Management University (former MAB) – has joined the Yessenov Lectures, a project of the Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation. The university’s students met with businessperson Andrey Astakhov.

The audience mainly consisted of future marketing specialists and managers of the hotel and catering business. The Q&A questions they asked Andrey chimed in with their majors: should a businessperson take risks during an economic downturn, is Andrey planning to open a restaurant, why did the lecturer choose to work in a small company over an international company, etc.

Andrey Astakhov is a businessperson, director of Caravan Beverages Group (Pago, Vittel, Perrier) and the president of The Rotary Club Almaty. With a degree in law and experience in the FMCG sector of 20 years and counting, Andrey is a leading professional in distribution and marketing of major brands.

Earlier on November 10 the Yessenov Lectures took place at the al-Farabi National University bringing together the biology and physics-major students and a triathlete and ultrarunner Artem Yakupov and the students of the Kazakh National Medical University, the latter sharing their experience of research internships in the US labs funded by the Foundation. The ALMAU students will have the opportunity to meet these lecturers on November 24.

The Yessenov Lectures series provide students with additional knowledge and information contributive to their personal growth. The Foundation’s project includes lectures by renowned professionals in various fields held in universities of Kazakhstan.

If you want to hold the Yessenov Lectures at your University, please contact:

Grigoriy: + 7 (705) 888 57 88, grigoriy.l@yessenovfoundation.org // Zhadyra: + 7 (771) 775 63 32, zhadyra.s@yessenovfoundation.org

Tel.: + 7 (727) 349 40 04/05

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