Shamsudin Kanat

Specialisation: General medicine. Winner of the Yessenov scholarship.

Shamsudin is from Turkestan. He is 21. He is a fifth year student of the Faculty of Medicine at the Khoja Akhmet Yassawi International Kazakh-Turkish University. A young Kazakhstani, the founder and chairman of the student scientific society of the university, and Representative of Kazakhstan within the Federation of Young People’s Scientific Societies of Medical and Pharmaceutical Universities in Russia and the CIS. He speaks three languages. Last year, he won the Yessenov scholarship in the Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation competition.

When did you decide to become a medical professional, and how did this come about?
My mom is a healthcare professional. I have other family members who are healthcare specialists. I myself have always been interested in this profession since childhood. That is how everything was decided.

How did you decide to participate in the Yessenov scholarship competition?
The competition for me is such a challenge in itself. It is like saying, “What are you even capable of?” Participation in the scholarship competition further fueled my interest in science, as the Foundation is scientific and educational, and proved that I am going in the right direction. Also, I used to be shy about putting my thoughts and work on public display, and the competition helped me overcome this psychological barrier.

What was the final of the competition for you, and how did you win?
The final was quite eventful and engaging. I was totally fascinated. I met the best students from different universities in the country, and we are still in touch with some of them. Why did I win the competition? I think I just managed to be myself, and not someone else. I answered the questions frankly, not at all shy.

What other things in life are you interested in? What are some of your pastimes?
I am a big fan of football, and have been playing since the 3rd grade of school. I support the German club Borussia Dortmund.  In my first year at the lyceum, I opened a book club, which still runs to this day. We exchange our reviews of the books we read, write the reviews. I love reading. I have about 400 books in my home library.

Did the Yessenov scholarship help you in any way?
It was all because of the scholarship that I was able to travel and complete a month-long internship in plastic surgery at Akdeniz University in Turkey.

What are you engaged in at the moment, and what are your plans for the next couple of years?
I am the student president at the Khoja Akhmet Yassawi International Kazakh-Turkish University. I head many science, culture and sports projects. So let’s just say I am gaining the experience of a leader, working with about 2000 students. When I’m not doing that, I spend my time gathering the necessary documents for admission abroad. I want to do plastic surgery and regeneration, while also engaging in science, of course. Who knows, I may open a centre for reconstructive plastic surgery after graduation.

Can you tell us a bit about your parents and siblings?
There are four of us in my family: mom, dad, myself and my younger brother. My brother’s name is Myrzabek. He is sixteen, and is finishing school and preparing for the UNT. My parents work at my university. My mother is the Deputy Chief Physician at the university clinic, while my father teaches Turkish at the Faculty of Philology. I believe that we should always thank God for everything that we have in life. Having a family that cares and loves us is in itself the greatest gift.

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