An unusual session of simultaneous display will be held in a framework of Central Asia Chess Cup that Almaty will host in 20-30 November.

For the first time in Kazakhstan the parties with the chess amateurs will be played by not one, but two renowned players. They are: repeated champion of Kazakhstan, the leader of the men’s team of Kazakhstan in three chess Olympiads, winner of the Asian Cup, international grandmaster Rinat Dzhumabaev and 15-year-old women’s grandmaster, the Asian champion, four-time world champion among children Zhansaya Abdumalik.

The first 30 registered players will take part in the session. The application form is available on the Facebook page of the Kazakhstan Chess Federation and the website of the organisation ( The application must be submitted to by midnight November 15. The session will take place on 22 November at 10.00 am at the Grand Hotel Tien Shan.

6.11.15, Newsfeed

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