“Find Your Way” is the name of the new project from the Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation. It will be held in Almaty on August 24th. Its purpose is to help high school students and first-year students to spend their life in the most effective and interesting way.

Up to 200 young people aged 15-18 years will be involved. The organizers are inviting students in the 9th-12th grades, College students and first-year undergraduate students to spend their Saturday at the event.

— We explain about how you can use personal and external resources to benefit yourself, and how to make your life go better. We’ll show the students new opportunities they might not be familiar with, — said Yessenov Foundation Project Coordinator Sergey Levadny (pictured).

The four-hour event will include representatives from institutions such as the University Narkhoz, softskills.kz, HiPO, Flow Kazakhstan and others.

— Modern man is surrounded by a huge amount of information. What is sad is that a lot of the stuff on varios media platforms is fake and manipulative. How a young person can tell fake from real, to understand what to believe and what not, at least one representative will cover that topic, — said Pavel Bannikov, editor-in-chief factcheck.kz — Our lifehacks will teach participants to distinguish real news, photo and video materials from fakes.

Among the topics that the organizers also plan to discuss with the participants of “Find Your Way”, are leadership, oratorical skills/public speaking, motivation – so-called flexible skills. The guys who come to the event will learn how to start a career and how to choose a future profession, how to continue their education and do everything at the right time, how to communicate with peers and elders.

— In the draft program we have included interactive lectures and performances (there will be a few of those), and practical games. Everyone who comes has a chance to learn a lot and to apply it in their lives, to make their lives richer and more satisfying  — S. Levadny summarized.

The foundation organisers intend that the lectures will not last more than 30 minutes, and special attention will be paid “gamifying” the process, so that participants engage with and assimilate the material. Their will also be coffee breaks.

18.07.19, Newsfeed

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