Yertai Yeskaliyev

Specialization: geology and exploration of deposits. Recipient of the Yessenov Scholarship.

Yertai is from Semey. A 26- year-old Kazakhstani is studying in the second year of an internship at the Technical University in Ust-Kamenogorsk. Behind him is participation in archeological excavations, ahead of him a doctoral degree. What is remained unchanged in his life are, as he himself calls them, his “favorites” – snowboarding, coffee and meeting new people. The story of yet another Yessenov Scholarship holder follows.

How and why did you choose this specialty?
It became interesting to me how far it is possible to go in forecasting deposits with new methods, which are satellite images, unmanned aerial vehicles – drones, laser scanning etc… Professor of Geology and Mineralogy Marina Misernaya from my university supports and guides me in many ways.

How did you find out about the Yessenov Scholarship?
There are already winners of the scholarship program in my circle of friends. But the impetus for applying was advertising which I saw on social networks.

What was the most interesting thing for you in the competition?
Of course, to find out WHO the lucky winners are. I was trying to understand the logic of selecting fellows. However, when you see such a variety of personality types among the winners, it is almost impossible to understand it. The final interview was held online, where each winner introduced himself to others. It was then that I realized how incredibly interesting and worthy young people with great potential were participating.

Why do you think you won?
My main trump card, I believe, was my specialty – geology and exploration of mineral deposits. After all, your foundation is named after an academician who is known for his role in the development of the geology in Kazakhstan and the discovery of mineral deposits, both in the center of the country and in the west. My academic achievements were also counted, and, of course, participation in archaeological excavations near Novaya Bukhtarma, participation in the creation of a museum at our university, where we recreated the layout of the mountains of the Greater Altai.

What life hacks can you share with future applicants?
I would advise you to be curious and plan your academic activities progressively. I think that students should be aware of all innovations in their fields and participate in conferences and seminars – that will demonstrate how much they can be a professional. You need to boldly agree to adventures, participate in new projects at your university – this will show how versatile you are, your ability to work in a team and your ability to troubleshoot. Volunteering could be a bonus, but you need to remember that volunteering is a DESIRE to help others, not a column in your CV.

What did you spend the scholarship on, Yertai?
I am one of the few doctoral students among the 2021 fellows. At this level of education, many things become more expensive – scientific research, articles, publications. Actually, that’s what I spent the scholarship on, it was very useful support to me.

What are your plans for the next couple of years?
First, to get a doctorate degree. Secondly, to take part in projects similar to the subject of my thesis. And thirdly, to study how business and consulting work  in the area of geological sciences in Kazakhstan.

If I may, a few words about your family?
My parents have rather conservative views. But, like every child, I think that I contribute to their development, as they do to mine. Conservatives are slowly adapting to the realities of the modern world. (Smiling)

15.05.22, Stories

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