The first semester of the English language program by Yessenov Foundation completed at the Kozybayev University in Petropavlovsk. Teachers Nathan Maher and Anthony Graham Durrant conducted tests and found that 111 students (69%) were able to improve their foreign language skills. Classes of the second semester will begin on January 23.

We asked Yessenov Foundation Program Coordinator Aigerim Sultan to comment on the results of the first half of the year.

– When the educational process began in October, the students were divided into groups according to the results of preliminary testing. Most of the participants – 88 – of Elementary and Pre-Intermediate levels, 73 are assigned to the Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced levels. However, if a student or teacher participated in the program felt that classes were difficult or, on the contrary, easy, they had the right to transfer to a group of another level during the first three weeks of the program. Six participants left the program for various reasons, – A. Sultan said.

As for the progress, according to the representative of the foundation, it was shown by the majority of students. For example, Advanced level students demonstrated an improvement in knowledge from 3 to 20%, and Elementary level students – from 3 to 15%. However, 13 participants of the program worsened their indicators during the time that passed between autumn and winter testing, albeit slightly – from 3 to 7%.

– At the end of December, all participants passed the exam – writing task and grammar test. According to the results, the dynamics is positive. For some students (mainly those with low indicators), we recommend shifting the group and after the holidays we will make the necessary moves. I think the classes will be more effective for these students since then,” said Anthony Durrant, a teacher of the program. – Also at the end of January, those 26 students who, for good reasons, could not pass the exam earlier, will pass it, – he added.

Kozybayev University won the competition of regional universities held by the Yessenov Foundation in 2022, and received the right to conduct the foundation’s English language program with its students for two years. According to the program implemented by Yessenov Foundationin partnership with Bonas MacFarlane Kazakhstan, currently 98 students and 63 teachers of the North Kazakhstan university are studying. The Foundation provides with free tuition all 161 students and teachers that participate in the program. 90 minutes classes are held twice a week. After the winter holidays, they will resume and last until May 2023. New students will be selected at the university for the next academic year.

Earlier the winners of the English Language Program competition were the Yessenov University, Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda University and Karaganda Medical University. Since 2020, the program is carried out online. Since its launch in 2013, 825 Kazakhstanis have already improved their English through participation in it.

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