Anuarbek Ashykbayev

Specialization: dentistry. Winner of the “Orleu” program.

Anuarbek Ashykbayev is 18, he hails from Aktobe, but now lives in Almaty. A year ago, after learning about the new program of the Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation “Orleu”, the guy applied and won a grant that pays him a year of study in his favorite specialty. Today he is a bachelor’s student of the Asfeniyarov Medical University (KazNMU). There are still several years of study ahead, and he will need to decide how to pay for it, but the dream has begun to come true and the student has a plan how to realize it completely.

When did you get interested in medicine and why did you decide to become a dentist?
Interest manifested itself in early childhood. Often in elementary school, I stayed with my mother at work, and she was a dentist. So I felt the atmosphere of a medical institution, I can say that I grew up surrounded by doctors. And later I watched how dentists work. Something even then told me that maybe I would choose this profession.

How did you learn about the “Orleu” program?
In the last grade of school, like many, I wanted to apply for a grant with the help of a republican competition and was interested in our medical universities, including KazNMU. I accidentally saw an advertisement for the “Orleu” program on the website of this university. There were only a couple of days left before the end of accepting applications, so I quickly collected the documents and submitted an application.

What did you remember most from the competition and what advice can you give to future participants?
Surely, I remember very much the moment when I found out that I had made it to the second round. I wasn’t sure of anything, and I was also confused by the fact that I applied at the last minute. That is why I was surprised and very happy about the news. Personal interview with the staff of the foundation and other participants of the “Orleu” was the most interesting and exciting stage of the competition. My advice to future program participants is to always cling to new opportunities and not be afraid to take risks.

How is your studies going, Anuarbek, what results did you achieve, what subjects are particularly interesting to you?
Studying at a medical university turned out to be exactly the way my friends described it to me: quite difficult, but interesting. I know for what purpose I am studying and that all my efforts will be justified in the future. I love anatomy and cell biology. Although anatomy is not easy for me, but it is interesting to learn the structure of the human body and learn a completely new language for me – Latin. And cell biology is attractive to me because through it I learn the basics of life at the cellular level. In the first semester, studying was easy enough for me, I passed my first session in the winter. Now there are some difficulties in understanding certain subjects, as these are completely new areas for me, but I am working to improve the results.

How many years of study are ahead and how are you going to pay for the remaining time of study?
You need to study for a dentist for 6 years, where the last year is an internship. I plan to re-participate in the “Orleu” program, which the provisions of the program allows to do and at the same time I will look for other similar grants.

What do you like to do in your free time?
I have two main hobbies – music and sports. I have already played bass guitar in a band at my university, we performed at the dedication of freshmen, but now I decided to focus more on my studies and therefore I left the band. I also like to write music in the rap/hip-hop genre. I adore going to the gym and playing basketball when I have time.

What are your most vivid childhood memories?
Almost all of my most vivid memories are connected, of course, with my hometown – Aktobe. Walking around the blocks where I lived, socializing with friends and family – I remember everything. A summer evening, a beautiful sunset and a cool June wind – I have such warm associations with my favorite city, which is especially beautiful during summer time.

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