Yeldos Adetbekov

Specialization: information systems. Recipient of a Yessenov scholarship, a participant of summer school YDL.

Yeldos is a graduate of KazNU, he is 21 years old and he is from Taldykorgan. In 2017, he overcame tough competition to win a scholarship from the Yessenov Foundation, and a year later was successful in a competition for the Yessenov Data Lab (YDL) data-analytics summer school.  

Yeldos, we know that you did an internship in Portugal. Tell us about it, please.
There was a trip for an academic mobility program for scientists. I went to the Lisbon Higher Institute of Engineering in the fall of 2017. The course covered three subjects: Multimedia Authoring, Machine Learning and Image Processing. It was really cool to work on projects with professors who are part of large organisations like Google and are moving science and technology forward. Such opportunities always push me to do more, help me to stay up to speed and of course, make new connections.

Did anything in particular help you on the scholarship?
You know, yeah. It helped me to develop further and even covered my transportation costs to Lisbon. J And the very fact that I am a scholar of such a prestigious program, constantly motivates me.

How was the contest for Yessenov Data Lab for you, what do you remember? And, of course, what did you gain personally from attending?
The most difficult thing in the competition for me was that a) it was impossible to use Google and b) I had to remember everything I learnt in school. And the process of studying in the summer school was fantastically well organised. To be honest, I did not expect such a serious level on the program. The program touched upon the most advanced technologies in data analysis, machine learning, neural networks and computer vision. All this knowledge today helps me a lot in my work.

Where are you now and what do you do, what are your plans for the year?
After graduating from the summer school of data Analytics, a Beeline HR Manager contacted me and offered to talk to me. I did not immediately agree because of my studies at University. But they said that they can wait until January, when I will start practical training. So I had time to prepare for work and analyze Beeline’s specific stack of technologies (Spark, Hadoop, etc.). Now I work as a data analyst in the Big Data product development Department. The team here is friendly and professional. I am glad that I have mentors who help with everything. My goal is to learn professional skills from them and develop those that I already have. In the near future, they promised to send me to an international conference on Big Data products.

Well, apart from computer sciences, what else are you interested in, Yeldos?
I like to play music: I play piano, guitar, vocals. Another of my Hobbies is taking pictures using film. I like to walk around different locations and take conceptual photos.

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