Bagdat Kadyrbekov

Specialization: computer engineering, software, information systems. Yessenov scholarship recipient.

IT IMAQORDA children’s techno-park opened in Kyzylorda. 28-year-old Bagdat became its leader. At the same time, he is completing his master’s program at the local university, makes 3D-modeling and mentors children and teenagers interested in IT. He has skills in augmented and virtual reality, and website creation is no big deal for him. Last year, he won the contest of the Shakhmardan Yessenov Science and Education Foundation and was awarded a scholarship of the same.

Do you study information technology at your Master’s degree course? Why did you choose this discipline?
My research work and the topic of my dissertation is “Development and analysis of information systems using interactive visualization technology in augmented reality”. The IT industry is continuously developing, which seems very attractive for me. It brings new things increasing the efficiency of our life. I am up to keep on my studies and get a PhD. In practice, I’m currently working to create a program based on augmented and virtual reality – “Virtual Adventure in Ancient Zharkent”. Hope to complete it in a few years.

What have you already created while working as a programmer at the university?
I made 3D modeling, augmented and virtual reality programs. One project was dedicated to the historical monuments of the Kyzylorda region, the other to ancient Zharkent mentioned above, and apar from that I created AR Alphabet, to make it easier for children to learn the new Kazakh Latin alphabet and make the IT more exciting for them. The program is still under construction, but we want to use it in our techno-park, where I work.

Was it easy to win the scholarship competition?
To tell the truth, it was not easy, as there were many strong and qualified competitors with impressive achievements.

How exactly did the scholarship help you?
The scholarship was a great help for me. It was both financial and emotional help. I spent most of the money to purchase plugins (paid small program components) and complex 3D models.

What are you interests apart from IT? What makes you happy, Bagdat?
My hobbies include kickboxing and Greco-Roman wrestling, football. I am happy when I see my mother smile and my family welfare. I am also happy, when I see my research and works being realized and when I understand that I have just succeeded pushing through my pains.

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