Aidar Zhetessov

Specialty: Electrical Engineering and Electronics. Internship: ETH Zurich.

The future engineer from Nazarbayev University Aidar did his research under the management of Dr. Johann Walter Colar in the  Power Electronics laboratory at ETH Zurich.

1. Why did you make this choice of specialty: electrical engineering and electronics?
While in high school, I took studying physics seriously. Among the many of its branches, I was particularly drawn to the theory of the electromagnetic field. I think it is the perfect and well developed theory. It made a sensation affecting our understanding of many aspects of life. I consulted with many people and concluded that engineering suits me well, if I want to make my own contribution to develop the science in my country. An engineer is someone who uses science in order to solve life’s challenges for humans and engineering is one of the most promising areas. So my choice of specialty was based on the interest, good intentions, recommendations of others and understanding the prospects.

2. What was the most difficult part in the grant competition?
When your opponents are the best students in the country, it’s difficult to stand out academically. I think that in such conditions the winner is the one who is able to demonstrate one’s skills and personality. And the ability to competently communicate thoughts, in my opinion, is the cornerstone in such competitions. Which makes it the most difficult for most tech-savvy but linguistically limited contestants. And I am a no exception.

3. What have you done during the internship in Switzerland?
My project has to do with the concept of ultra high-speed unsupported accelerators for electric motors. Simply put, I was trying to set a new world speed record for an electric motor. The results I obtained during the internship can be used to increase the efficiency while reducing the size of the motors. And the knowledge that I have gained can be applied to the semiconductor, petroleum and manufacturing industries and medicine. The fact that the work resulted in my semester thesis is also important to me. It got published and is archived just as other Nazarbayev University students’ works.

4. The outcomes of the internship for you?
Among the so to speak, “material” results of it you can list the stators of two different designs, as well as an analog control motherboard, which I designed and checked for operational capability. I am also proud of my written report. It is currently my most complete scientific paper – 45 pages, you know! I left Zurich with a deep sense of satisfaction; I have made many friends, a lot of emotions and invaluable knowledge and self-confidence. The summer internship helped me with writing my thesis. I plan to continue as a PhD student in the same specialty and, of course, ETH Zurich is one of the universities where I would like to do the degree. I have an idea to open a small business, but at this point, these are thoughts only. 

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