Aslan Tabyldiyev

Specialization: Chemical Engineering. Master’s degree: University of California, Berkeley, USA.

In the spring of 2017, Aslan Tabyldiev from Atyrau learned that he had won a grant from the Shakhmardan Yessenov Science and Education Foundation to study for a Masters abroad. Today, the 24-year-old Kazakh has the difficult competition, a year of study at the University in Berkeley and return home behind him. It’s time to understand what will happen next.

Tell me about your studies, Aslan.
I continued my education in chemical engineering. The goal of my program is to become a highly qualified specialist in the field of transforming technical innovations into commercially successful products. Within chemical engineering, I specialised in microelectronics and power systems. I studied the manufacturing processes of microchips and optimization of different types of energy systems. Now I know how to create and promote a new products in the field of chemical engineering, various microchip designs, I understand how integrated circuits function, and how machine learning is used in energy.

Was there a practical element in addition to the theory?
Naturally. For two months I worked in the university laboratory, where I created my own devices on a silicon plate and tested them for efficiency. In fact, what I studied there is used by international companies like Intel, Micron, Microchip, etc. My final project is consulting for a large company that produces equipment for microchips — Lam Research. Its market capitalization of more than $ 26 billion. The team that I was part of worked for four months to study the new MicroLED technology for use in smartwatches, augmented and virtual reality products, and laptops. So I got a huge amount of knowledge, both theoretical and practical.

What did you leave the States with, what did you bring home?
As for my studies, I take home a master’s degree, having graduated with honors. I was in the top 5 graduate students in engineering. As part of the project with Lam Research, our team studied and analyzed in detail the potential market for this product, we assessed all possible technological and market risks, and made a plan to reduce them. Our team also worked on the technical aspect of the project. The technology is quite complex and has problems with mass production. Therefore, we proposed our own solution. It was highly appreciated by the Technical Director of the company, who took the results of our project into development.

What’s next, Aslan?
Having got back to Kazakhstan I’m thinking about working here where my knowledge can be applied. I already have two offers to work in large oil and gas companies as an engineer. And I would like to do a job that would require my skills in machine learning in the field of energy. Unfortunately, this is not yet possible in our country. I also plan to do a PhD.

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