Aksholpan Kulbayeva

Specialization:  General Medicine. Recipient of the Yessenov Scholarship.

Aksholpan moved with her family from Uzbekistan when she was a three-year-old girl. Now she is in her second year of internship training in the West Kazakhstan State Medical University. When she graduates from the university she will work as a doctor and then choose a specialization and continue to study the profession deeper. What thing helped her to win the Yessenov scholarship?

What do you remember most from your childhood?
A year after the move, my father died, then no one of the relatives was around. My mother had to work day and night. She is a neonatologist, but we lived in the countryside (Senek village, Mangystau region) that time, and she provided medical care to everyone like an ordinary doctor and it commanded respect to her both from children and adults. There was no equipment for MRI, ultrasound, or EEG until 2010, but my mother was able to make an accurate diagnosis. As a matter of fact, my mother is my real idol, and she influenced my choice, it is the reason why I began to study medicine.

What do you think is the weak point in Kazakhstani medicine?
Different regions of the country have different problems. I know, for example, the human factor is not taken into account in some regions. In general, it is too early for me to judge, I have not enough experience, information and competence in the matter.

What helped you to win the Yessenov scholarship a year ago?
At the first stage of the competition, of course, I was helped by my CV, certificates and, of course, a transcript of grades, that is, all my achievements. And the second stage took place as an online interview.  I think my public speaking skills, the ability to present myself and my ideas helped me to win.

Does the Yessenov scholarship help you in any way?
Of course, it does. It helps to cover my expenses for language courses.

What can you suggest this year’s scholarship participants competition?
Dear applicants, try to write the essay “What have I done and will do for the science of Kazakhstan?” as well as information about yourselves in the application accurately and correctly and, of course, do not forget to attach all the required documents.

Aksholpan, what will be next, after your internship graduation?
Now I am studying with a specialization in “general practitioner” (GP). I don’t want to be bent on one narrow specialty: I will become either a GP or a therapist. I have such plans at this point.

What do you like to do in your free time?
I like to read in my free time. Stephen King and Louise Hay are authors revered by me. I study Chinese and English.

Please, tell us about your family?
I am married, we are waiting for an addition to our family in May.

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