“The number of filed applications was 251, out of which 90 students and 45 teachers were selected for training”, — this is what has been reported from Kyzylorda by Nursultan Nurmukhanov and Aygerym Sultan, where these specialists finalized selection of students for the second year of English language program from Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation. 135 program members are expected to improve their language proficiency upon its completion.

 — We grouped all students into several groups by their levels. Classes will be held twice a week for an hour and a half. Lectures are delivered by native speakers of Shakespeare’s language who were lucky to be grown up as Englishmen, British teachers Ben Green and Andrew Webster, as explained by the project coordinator Nursultan Nurmukhanov.

Upon the academic year end, 15 best students and 20 teachers will have the opportunity to take IELTS at the expense of the fund. The level of IELTS, by the way, significantly affects the salary of teachers and increases the chances of bachelors to be accepted for a Master’s degree. It should be noted that Yessenov Foundation offers an English program not for entertaining or open class purposes for people wishing to improve their language level or spend their spare time. The purpose of the foundation’s program is to raise the level of language proficiency for teachers and students to enable them to read the latest information on the subjects of their specialization, which for the most part is published in English. Today, higher level of English skills means better understanding of one’s specialty and its latest trends. And since the problem is acute in the regions, we are implementing the program in regional universities of Kazakhstan. Prior to this, the English language program of the foundation for 3 years was offered in Aktau (KSUTI named after Sh. Yessenov, now – Yessenov University), now it is offered in Kyzylorda (KSU named after Korkyt-Ata). The fund plans to offer it in other regional universities of the Republic.

— I am glad I have succeeded in the competition and will be learning English for a foundation fellowship,” said Nurzia Mazhitova, teacher of the foreign language and translation department of Kyzylorda State University. – I speak English well, I hope I can bring it to a level where I can freely understand information from foreign sources.

A 3-year student of the Department of Natural Science Gulzhan Karabek (speciaized in biology) shared her opinion on the program with us:
— Last year I was taught by a native speaker under the scholarship, provided by Yessenov Foundation. And I improved my English skills, improved my grammar and speaking skills. And this year I was selected again. That is a great opportunity and a wonderful experience for me. After all, English is important for a competitive specialist. And I will be pushing hard for the right to be among the best and pass the IELTS at the expense of the fund. In the future I plan to enroll in the Master’s degree program.

4.10.18, Newsfeed

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