Qymbat Oqas

Speciality: Medicine. Winner of the Orleu Program.

The Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation declared the application process for the Orleu Program open. We would like to introduce to you the winners of the Program in previous years. 19-year-old Qymbat Oqas who comes from Almaty region is studying medicine at Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University. Having participated in the Program’s competition, she won the Foundation’s grant for undergraduate study twice. She is currently finishing her second year at the university and is going to take part in the competition for the third time. The Kazakhstani student tells about her participation in the competition and studies at the university.

Qymbat, why did you choose medicine?
Medicine is my childhood dream. Having mastered this profession, I will make my dream come true and help my loved ones. I believe that treating people is not only my professional responsibility, but it is also my duty as a human being. Graduation from a college also gives opportunities for working in a healthcare system. Why are you seeking a higher education? The reason is quite simple. I strive to become a well-educated and highly qualified specialist. Only higher medical education can help achieve such level of professionalism.

How did you learn about the Orleu program and participate in the competition?
I learned about the competition just in the nick of time. That day I was browsing through the KazNMU website waiting for the results of the allocation of government grants. On that website I also found information about the “Orleu” competition held by the Yessenov Foundation. Having read the Provisions actually in the last day of accepting applications, I collected necessary documents in half an hour and submitted an application. It was accepted, then I took part in several stages of the competition, and in a fortnight’s time I was declared the winner.

Being a two-time winner of the Yessenov Foundation’s grant, what could you advise the participants of the current Orleu competition?
I think that the most important factor is self-confidence. It should be an essential tool to achieve your goals. Abai wrote, “Ozine sen, ozindi alyp shygar, akylyn men enbegin eki zhaktap.” (“Trust yourself! Your inseparable mind and work are your only backbone and happiness.”)

Tell us about your studies at KazNMU.
In two years, I realized that as well as passion for medicine there are other important qualities which help to succeed in medicine. For example, patience, honesty and a great love for medicine. When you study even at night, learning and understanding 50-70 page topics, you acquire terminology that you can use in your work in a proper way. I also take courses on the development of clinical thinking. We are taught to make a diagnosis on symptoms, to develop a creative approach to diagnostic issues, analyze different diseases and the effect of drugs on the body. I have already managed to apply the knowledge acquired at the university in practice.

What are your plans for the next 2-3 years?
I have a lot of plans. For example, I want to study abroad. Since I have to study seven years more, it would be better to get education in different countries to acquire specialized knowledge and skills.

How did you solve the housing problem?
The Foundation actually helps the Orleu winners financially with housing, but I live at my sister’s house.

Qymbat, a stipend also comes as part of the grant. How do you spend it, if you don’t mind me asking?
70 % of the money goes for personal and family expenses, and the remaining 30 % I spend to pay for a course which I’m taking nowadays, and for daily travel expenses.

What are your interests, besides medicine?
It is rather difficult to find time for other interests outside of school because there is no free time actually. However, if I have it, I read detective novels of Agatha Christie. At the beginning of the month I started reading “Dumb Witness”. But it is currently the examination period, and we are studying hard, that’s why I put other interests aside for now.

Where do you come from? Tell us about your family.
I was born and grew up in the Shelek village in Almaty region. My family consists of me, my mother and my four sisters. My father died due to work-related accident three years ago. My mother works as a choreographer, one of my sisters is a journalist on Almaty TV channel, the other two siblings have graduated from the 5th and 10th grades of school. The youngest sister attends a preschool class. One of my sisters wants to become a dentist and is preparing for the next year UNT.

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