Zhuldyz Kuanysh

Specialisation: Public Health. Participant of the English Language Programme.

Zhuldyz Kuanysh, 25, is a  PhD student at the Karagandy Medical University. A year ago,  having passed the selection, she spent the entire academic year studying under the Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation English Language Programme. As one of the best students of the course, the young Kazakhstani woman has won an IELTS exam scholarship funded by the Foundation. Together with her, we are waiting for her to pass this crucial exam.

Where are you originally from?
I was born in Satpayev, Karagandy region. For me, this city is where I can feel like a child again, where I can come whenever I’m tired, to be able to feel the same warmth and care that I had as a child.

Why did you choose public health as your specialty?
I’ve always dreamed of working in this field. However, I didn’t know that such a specialty existed when I graduated from high school. My grandfather (whom I have always looked up to) graduated from Karagandy Medical University. This made me want to study only at this university. My sister helped me choose my specialty. I continue to study public health in my doctoral studies.

Why do you need English? Why did you participate in the Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation English Language Programme?
When I applied for the competition, I clearly understood that I wanted to improve my speaking skills. I was finishing my master’s degree at the time, and was planning to do a doctorate, for which I had to pass IELTS. Knowledge of the language opens up new opportunities and access to world scientific literature. As a researcher, the ability to write articles in English is important to me.

What was it like to study for a year in the Programme?
I remember my group, the games that helped me master the material, with a pleasant warmth. I feel the most interesting conversations were with the teacher, when he explained the topics using his own experience as an example. I attended my classes after work. It was a place where I could change my environment and even relax and be motivated by the teacher and the group.

What’s next for you, Zhuldyz?
When I finish my doctorate, I want to start teaching and share my experience. I really like working with students.

What are you interested in, and how do you like to spend your free time?
I enjoy spending my time watching Harry Potter for the five hundredth time, probably. I love to run, especially when the sun has not yet risen or has already set. I feel a special pleasure when I am alone with my thoughts. I like to travel, discovering new points on the map.

If you can, tell us about your family.
I can talk about my family for hours. My parents are my heroes. They taught their four daughters not to be afraid to take risks, to believe in justice, and to work tirelessly. My sisters are my mainstay, and my eldest, Moldir, teaches me to follow my dream, despite the condemnation of society. The second – Ainur, teaches me to be a real lady, despite the difficulties, and the younger – Zhanyl, gives me the strength to go further in my life.

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