Zhanybek Nazymbek

Specialization: General medicine. Winner of the Yessenov scholarship.

Zhanybek (22) is from Shymkent. He is now a fifth-year student at the Ahmet Yassawi University. Zhanybek headed the university’s student research society. He knows a little Turkish, and speaks Uzbek and English. He also focuses on self-development: he managed to raise his GPA to 3.2 within a year. In 2019, he won the prestigious Yessenov Scholarship.

The student participated in several scientific conferences in Tashkent, Karagandy, Almaty and Semey. Last year, as part of the annual medical forum, he also participated in a master class on radiological (X-ray) assessment of the effectiveness of therapy in oncology. The future doctor does not shy away from work. Up to his fourth year, he worked as a waiter in a recreation area, took odd jobs as a cell phone programmer and repair technician (he is well versed in cell phones since his school days, as he has always been fascinated by technology).

When and how did you decide to link your profession with medicine?
As far back as my second or third year at school. My grandma and mom helped me get my bearings. My family taught me to help those who need help, in whatever situation.

Was it difficult to win the Yessenov Scholarship contest?
It was something completely new to me. It was interesting to meet wonderful people and interesting peers. Despite the fact that we were all from different spheres, we managed to make friends. I still remember all the games that I participated in at that time as if it were yesterday. I even remember the competition date – March 31.

Did the scholarship help you in any way?
I spent the scholarship on my own needs. My vision deteriorated; I bought glasses. I sometimes supported my family financially, and bought books to read.

By the way, what have you read over the past year that you particularly liked?
The autobiography of neurosurgeon Paul Kalanithi “When Breath Becomes Air”. In it, he describes his life before and after his illness. While helping save other people’s lives, he could not have imagined that at 36, a disease – lung cancer, would come knocking at his door. Everything has changed, and here was the man lying in a hospital bed waiting for the test results… Nevertheless, the illness did not prevent him from continuing to work, perform operations, start to love his loved ones more, and even become a father. This is the book of a man whose last days were filled with life far more than death. The book also taught me to appreciate and value life, every moment, and to understand that it is NEVER too late to start something, and you DO NOT NEED to postpone something for later.

What are you interested in besides medicine, Zhanybek?
A lot. I like exploring and discovering something new. It’s like a hobby for me. For instance, I can do logistics on the railway, or can work as a signalman.

What is interesting in your life now, and what should we expect?
This year, I participated in the creation of a medical center in Shymkent. I plan to open an ophthalmology department there after graduating. And earlier this year, before the coronavirus pandemic, I won the competition for the German DAAD programme. Its winners are English-speaking students of world universities who get to visit Germany and there, work and study with professors and students of German universities, improve their English, as well as gain new knowledge and experience. Three German universities have expressed their readiness to accept us. Winning such a competition and getting an invitation is not easy even for specialist: associate professors, PhD holders, and highly-experienced professors. Unfortunately, due to the current situation in the world, the trip is still in question. Hopefully, we will be able to get through this. I wish you all good health in this difficult time for all of us.

9.07.20, Stories

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