Tomiris Burkhan

Specialization: Oil and Gas. Yessenov Scholarship recipient (2016-2017).

Tomiris is a graduate of the Kazakh-British Technical University. She is the same as you reading this text. Her favorite quote is from Mohammed Ali — words that explain a lot about her character. “I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” Today, our compatriot is the youngest engineer who works at wells in the Norwegian Sea.

Do you consider oil and gas to be an actual sphere of activity today?
I observe the trends and therefore I am sure that in the near future our industry will retain a key role in the world. Accordingly, Kazakhstan will continue to develop its potential in the energy industry.

Where did you practice?
During my studies I often participated in international scientific conferences and seminars of SPE (Society of petroleum engineers), PetroBowl intellectual competitions and trained in oil companies of Kazakhstan. The decisive role for me was played by the field practice in Russia in the largest oil service company.

What have you achieved, Tomiris?
Small victories began in the walls of my native university. The endless desire to develop my creative side has grown into the position of Vice-President of the SPE section in KBTU. Membership in professional societies has nurtured spirit, leadership qualities, developed sociability, responsibility, and public speech skills. I hope I have great victories ahead of me. Yes, sometimes there are moments when I want to quit. At such moments, I always think about my family: grandfather, grandmother and dad – those people who put fundamental values in me and gave me love.

How did you win the scholarship competition?
The selection process was an intensive and creative event. Everything was held in the form of an intellectual interactive game. There I met with talented guys from all over Kazakhstan. My main rule is — always be yourself — helped me a lot. A positive energy and a confident attitude always attract good luck and victory. So I won.

What did you manage to do in a year?
I started my career as a Wireline field engineer. My profession is based on the study of the most important information from wells that allows to analyze its condition and to make the right decisions for wells’ future development. Now I am the youngest engineer here, working in the offshore of the Norwegian Sea, flying between 4 different platforms in a month.

What are the plans, Tomiris?
Now at any time I could happen to be anywhere in the world in the new project. My every day does not look like the previous one, and every task is new and unique. It brings me great pleasure, drives me. I constantly fly to trainings on development and new technologies; do online training, learn foreign languages. At any moment I might be called to work over 200 km from land to conduct logging in a well with a depth of 4 km. And I dream to create a Foundation named after my grandfather – Burkhan Sabirov, a legendary person, who was involved in the development of agriculture in difficult conditions. I’m planning to invest in young talents, giving opportunities to those less fortunate and those who believe that the planet has a bright future.

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