On December 5, the eighth charity event “New Year Wish Tree” started in Almaty. 46 children of the family children’s home “Nur”, located in Talgar, Almaty region will be the beneficiaries of the project. Any concerned Kazakhstan or foreign citizens are welcome to participate.

The youngest foster child is two years old, and the oldest one is 17 years old. They, like many children in the World write letters to Santa Claus, even though some of them no longer believe in the fairy-tale old man, but still hope for the fulfillment of their wishes. The purpose of the campaign is to attract attention to those children who, due to difficult life situations, experience the lack of attention in these holidays. The aim of the New Year Wish Tree is simple – children speak about their New Year wishes, and voluntary participants being aware of the wishes of children through the media, make gifts to the children. According to organizers of the project — Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation, information portal Tengrinews.kzAlmaty Marathon and World Class Almaty — along with the gifts, children will get a sense of confidence and security.

— We published the New Year wishes of the children online. During the month, we will collect the gifts. The plan is to present them in the Old New Year, when Holiday’s fuss pass and we get all the gifts that will be delivered by mail. For 7 years of existence New Year Wish Tree fulfilled the dreams of more than 200 children, — said Grigory Lee, the coordinator of the programs of Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation.

— I grew up an orphan, and I know what it is like to live without parents. So 19 years ago my husband and I decided to start a children’s home. Since then, we have raised and educated 700 children. We do not receive any funds from the government, the funding mainly goes from sponsors. And we are grateful that the guys came and asked kids and teenagers about what would they like to receive from Santa Claus. We provide children with all the necessary, and their demands are quite modest. I’m sure that kind people will respond to the call and children will receive gifts. But our biggest problem is the state of building itself, it must be repaired. I really hope that with this action, we will attract the attention of sponsor, and the problem will be solved, — hoped 73-year-old Director of children’s home “Nur” Tuyak Yeskozhina.

It is important for children to feel attention throughout life, but it is exactly during holidays, according to psychologists, when they urgently need that attention, especially those children that grow up without parents.

— Those who got in the orphanage, have the trauma of betrayal and rejection in their souls forever. No matter, if the child was abandoned by parents or his parents just died. There is the hope for the beginning of something good, the belief in a miracle for this little man in every New year,. First and foremost is the acceptance of a child, as a person by the parents or others who substitute them. So for him or her the holiday is even more special and important than let’s say for someone who grows up in a family,— analytical psychologist, a member of CIS Professional Psychotherapeutic League Aigul Sadykova commented.

If you have a desire to participate in the New Year Wish Tree and make a gift to the orphans, please contact us by phone in Almaty 346 88 92 or by mobile +7 705 888 57 88and +7 747 431 35 98. To meet children and learn about their New Year wishes please visit link.

The outcomes of last year’s New Year Wish Tree are posted here.

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