Aigerim Bimagambetova

Specialty: Oil and Gas. Recipient of the Yessenov Scholarship.

In the spring of the pandemic 2020, 20-year-old Aigerim learned that she had become the winner of the scholarship competition of the Yessenov Foundation. She chose oil and gas as a specialty, because this industry is still relevant and, moreover, profitable. This fall, the girl will start studying in the last year of her bachelor’s degree at Satbayev Univesrity, where she came to enroll from Zhitikara, where she has a family. Her father is a farmer, her mother is a civil servant and sister is a college student.

What are you doing this summer?
I plan to relax in the country side and to enjoy fresh air, without fuss. It hasn’t worked out yet. I also want to master programming and improve my English, I also started learning Spanish.

In a year you will finish your studies, become a specialist…
Yes, I will start working in production, I plan to start my career at one of the fields of Kazakhstan, and engage in the digitalization of the oil and gas industry. I am also thinking of starting to help future students — by conducting guest lectures and helping female engineers discover their potential and supporting them.

When and how did you learn about the Yessenov Scholarship? Why did you decide to compete?
I learned about the scholarship in my first year, at the university there were posters of the Yessenov Foundation on the bulletin board. I learned more about the foundation and the scholarship competition, and I realized that I fully meet the criteria for participation. Then I decided that in the second year I would definitely apply.

What did you remember the most in the competition?
The thing that it is useful, because it is a good opportunity for self-development. During the competition, you enter a new circle of talented and energetic people who are ready to share their experience and provide support to you. I mean the other applicants and winners.

What life hacks could you share with the participants of such competitions?
I don’t have any special life hacks. I believe that in order to grow, you must definitely participate in a variety of competitions, Olympiads, and learn foreign languages. Search for a balance between work, study and leisure, and if you find it, you will have more strength, energy and inspiration for new projects. And it is also important to plan everything all the time. Using the skills of time management, I manage to study, develop, do athletics and fitness, and read books on finance and psychology by R. Kiyosaki, L. Yarukhina and S. Covey.

What do you know about the person whose scholarship you are receiving?
Shakhmardan Yessenov
is an outstanding Kazakh geologist, statesman and scientist. In my opinion, his most important achievement is that his works are still being used. People remember him and they honor him.

What personal victories in life do you consider the most important?
In my second year, I studied in Malaysia for a whole semester — it was a tremendous experience. Now I organize an online practice for students of second and third years in my university. Thanks to this, students have the opportunity to personally communicate with leading specialists of the oil and gas industry and develop their professional knowledge.

What is the most valuable thing in life for you?
Health, and over the past year, many have made sure of this again. When a person is healthy, he is able to do what he loves, which will bring him joy from life and a sense of satisfaction.

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