Marlan Alimbatyrov

Specialty: pharmaceutical production technology. Winner of the Yessenov Scholarship.

A resident of Taldykorgan Marlan Alimbatyrov is 21, he is soon-to-be a first-year master’s student at Karaganda Medical University. A year ago, the guy won the scholarship of Academician Yessenov. How he won and what he considers the most important thing in life, he exlplains further in this short interview.

Your most vivid memories from childhood?
Perhaps, the most vivid memory was… rabbit breeding. Yes, I was seriously engaged in rabbit breeding. I had a lot of them and even gave each the nickname of a cartoon character. I remember calling one of them Bambi. By caring for and looking after animals, a person automatically develops a sense of responsibility.

What influenced your choice of medical specialty?
Medicine and pharmacy are quite interconnected. Knowledge of pharmacy gives more information about the diseases themselves, about their treatment, and about the methods of manufacturing medicines. In my opinion, “pharmaceutical production technology” is such a universal specialty that gives a lot of knowledge, even ending with the prevention of diseases. In fact, this influenced my choice.

How did you find out about the scholarship competition?
In the first year of my bachelor’s degree, I was a member of the student scientific society. At one of its meetings, we were informed about the scholarship awarded by the Yessenov Foundation. After learning about the competition, I surfed the Web, and found out details on social networks.

What did you remember about the grant competition?
I clearly remember the interview with the program coordinator Aigerym Sultan, how – simply and freely – and what we talked about. We managed to discuss a lot of very different and interesting areas and not only narrowly professional, we talked about spiritual and personal development as well.

Could you name the reason why you won?
I think the interview and the answers I was able to give revealed my potential as a person. It seems to me that I develop in a versatile way and humane values are close to me. My lifehack for other participants of all such competitions is to behave as professional as possible, but not solely in their field of activity, constantly develop, learn something new, hone skills and be friendly. The main thing is to move on without stopping! Thus, success will be just around the corner.

What’s next, Marlan?
I just obtained my bachelor’s degree and a diploma with honors and received the award “Best Graduate of the CIS – 2022”. At the moment I apply for the master’s degree program, and upon graduation I think to go further along the scientific path – to doctoral studies. I plan to do science and… open my own pharmacy at the same time. Why not? Practical entrepreneurship skills will not hurt.

Besides pharmaceuticals, what are your interests?
My favorite thing is to read books on self–development. I try to read the local author, because the mentality of Western society is different from ours. But I do not forget to read fiction as well – it always helps to develop vocabulary. Among the books that I read over the past year are “Change Your Thinking…” by Brian Tracy and the encyclopedia “The Great Battles of the Nomads”. I also go to aerobics and advise everyone to try it, because it is a very useful sport.

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