Dias Ormaganbetov

Specialty: Geology and Exploration of Mineral Deposits. Yessenov Scholarship Recipient.

This Kazakh student is 20, he is finishing his 3rd year at the Kazakh British Technical University (KBTU). Why did Diaz choose geology with its unscheduled fieldwork and how does he see his life when he receives his bachelor’s degree? The winner of the scholarship competition of the Yessenov Foundation answered our questions.

Why geology and exploration, taking into account the development of renewable energy sources? Why, even knowing that, did you choose such a specialty?
Geological exploration covers not only energy resources (primarily hydrocarbons), but also metal and construction minerals. KBTU graduates work in various foreign mining companies dealing with precious, radioactive and rare earth metals. For example, storage of renewable energy requires batteries that consist of lithium and precious metals, and the composition of the solar panels themselves includes a number of ferrous, rare earth metals and silicon. So the demand for minerals will grow, and geology will remain relevant.

Where are you from, your most vivid childhood memories?
I was born in Almaty, and spent most of my childhood in its suburb — Kaskelen, with my grandmother, surrounded by my brothers and sisters. As a child, I often went to the mountains to admire the purity and beauty of nature. Who knows, it may have been since then that I began to take an interest in geology.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
My main hobby is hiking, I like to visit nature reserves, canyons, volcanoes, caves. The most amazing place in this regard for me remains the largest active volcano in Europe – Etna. I still remember the sounds of the eruption as I climbed over the ash and basalt to one of its craters.

How did you decide to participate in the competition for the Yessenov scholarship?
It was quite a spontaneous decision, I didn’t even know about the scholarship. The professors of my faculty told me about the competition and suggested to apply, because they knew what I am striving for. And when I learnt the information about the foundation, I was inspired by Shakhmardan Yessenov and realized that I had to try to conquer new heights. So I applied and won.

Why do you think you managed to win?
I think it helped to strive for the goals set. I always try something new and gain invaluable experience. I would like to advise my peers not to be afraid to participate in competitions like that, Olympiads and case championships, because even if you don’t win a prize, hence you still win, since you have learned a lot of new things. But how you will use the knowledge and experience gained will depend only on you. I wish you all good luck!

Who do you see yourself in 3-5 years?
Due to the pandemic, I study online. But the students of my department have access to all the necessary data, reference books and software to get high-quality distance education. By the end of the year, I will complete an internship in a foreign company in my specialty — mineral exploration. And as soon as I finish my bachelor’s degree, I’m going to continue with master’s studies in order to strengthen the knowledge in the field of geology and geophysics.

21.04.21, Stories

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