• Sagynkul Yerkimbekova

    Speciality: Chemical Technology of Organic Compounds. Internship: University of Alabama.
  • Sultan Mussakhan

    Speciality: Molecular Bioliogy. Internship: Boston University, Thomas Gilmore Laboratory.
  • Irina Fedorova

    Speciality: Electronic Engineering. Internship: Rochester Institute of Technology, Department of Computer
  • Assem Ayaganova

    Specialty: Chemical Engineering. Internship: University of Colorado at Boulder.
  • Assel Yezhikova

    Speciality: General Medicine. Internship: Tufts University, Human Nutrition Research Center.
  • Tamirlan Seidakhmetov

    Specialization: Chemical Engineering. Internship: California Institute of Technology.
  • Maxim Grishin

    Speciality – Information Systems. A participant of the English language program.
  • Berik Kaliullayev

    Specialty: General Medicine. Internship: Colorado State University, USA.