Baurzhan Orynbassar

24-year-old Almaty resident Baurzhan Orynbassar is one of the three guys who won the nFactorial Challenge competition, which we held jointly with ZeroToOneLabs and went to USA. A designer, graduate of the International IT University studied in the USA in The Make School summer academy, one of the best incubators for application developers in the Silicon Valley.

Two weeks before his studies in the USA and two more after that Bauryzhan spent in Astana, where Arman Suleymenov (ZeroToOneLabs) also organized summer school for 100 developers from all over Kazakhstan.

So, how did you spend your summer, Bauyrzhan?

It was mind-blowing time of learning application development for iOS operating systems. First two weeks experienced instructors of ZeroToOneLabs helped us to learn this science. Then we went to the very heart of the technological world — San Francisco. People from different parts of the world arrived there to realize their ideas and create mobile apps. Having studied the basic principles of iOS development in the first few weeks, then each of us has created a simple application. And at the end of the project one presented his/her work to a wide audience.

To your mind how both schools differ?

Basically they were identical: iOS Development Summer Academy and nFactorial Incubator. There was only a difference in approaches, participants and dates of trainings. Make School has its own base in San-Francisco, which is located in a few hundred meters from the offices of Twitter, Uber, Ueno, and other companies. This fact alone was very excited and motivated.

What skills did you gain this summer?

I “pump” myself in iOS development, design and marketing. All lectures attended were useful. Mainly I worked on my project Samantha. I came up with an app that will help people to lead a healthy lifestyle. It is based on scientific data and recommendations of the World Health Organization and takes into consideration nutrition, physical activity of the individual, sleep, amount of water inside the body and other parameters. I managed to release the beta version, but now I test and prepare a big release with new features and support for iOS 11.

What did this study help you so far and where will it lead in the future?

My closest goal is to release Sаmantha, then promotion of the pplication. Also I have plans to find a job with an experienced developer in a team, because rapid growth requires practice and a good mentor. And certainly after experiencing all that I will be able to seek for an internship in a large IT company.

8.11.17, Stories

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