Ainur Kymbatova

Specialization: Business analyst. Winner of the Yessenov Launch Pad.

Aynur is from Pavlodar, she is 26 years old. After graduating from the Kazakh-British Technical University, she works as a business analyst for a Kazakh software company. In 2022, the girl won the very first competition of the Yessenov Launch Pad (YLP) program, which gives grants for additional education. What, how and why did Ainur study for this grant?

What is your specialty interesting to you?
It brings me joy to understand the “pain” and the needs of the customer, to automate and optimize the business processes of companies. First I visualize what it will look like in my head, and then I imagine how it all works to the system. This is how I understand that my work benefits people and makes their lives easier.

What are the responsibilities of a business analyst?
Working as a business analyst involves communication with both the customer and software developers sides. A business analyst studies the business processes of companies, determines those that are subject to transfer to digital form and those that require improvement. He also conducts interviews with core specialists. to understand and describe the processes in detail. It is the business analyst who prepares technical documentation for developers and customers, in which he describes what and how to implement it.

Do you manage to maintain a life-work balance?
I try to make the most of my working time so that work does not stay for home. I determine for myself the most effective hours, for example, from 11:00 to 13:00, and at this time I plan the most difficult tasks. So to say, I use Brian Tracy’s “eat that frog” technique: that is, I finish the most difficult tasks first. After such “frogs”, the rest of the tasks seem easy and are performed with pleasure.

How did you find out about YLP?
I learned about the competition from the Telegram channel, which publishes information about various internships and grants. The program interested me. It was aimed at both beginners and current IT specialists, which was relevant for me. At that time, I just wanted to expand the range of existing professional skills.

Why do you think you were chosen as the winner of the YLP?
In my opinion, the main reason is sincerity, first of all, you need to always and everywhere remain yourself. I also definitely knew what skills I wanted to acquire and why they were so important to me. And it is also important to set clear and achievable goals. Even if they are small, but doable and effective.

Ainur, what courses did you choose for the grant you won?
“Data analytics”
from nFactorial School, because I wanted to learn data analytics. I believe that working in the IT field, it is necessary to constantly learn something new. In general, the field of data analytics is very interesting to me, and I plan to continue developing in it. The training took place in an online format for 2 months. During this period, I mastered working with data using SQL and Power BI.

What are you planning to do in the next 2-3 years?
I will continue to study data analytics – deeper and more detailed. I want to master Python in order to use it in the same field of data analysis. Among the longer-term plans is a master’s degree in the field of IT. Well, my present is raising a baby, I’m on maternal leave right now, so it’s easy to imagine what most of my time is devoted to.

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