Aidana Bukharbayeva

Specialty: Oil and Gas. Recipient of the Yessenov Scholarship.

This summer, Aidana graduated with excellent grades from Satbayev University in Almaty. The last year of her bachelor’s degree she received the Yessenov Scholarship, since she won the Yessenov Foundation competition the year before. She chose an unbroken, unconventional topic for her thesis as she discovered the world of machine learning. The girl is already working in oil and gas enterprise  in Aktau. Aidana additionally managed to take accounting courses as she is constantly on the move. And how about you?

Why and how did you choose this specialty?
In a heated argument about my future, my parents and I came to a compromise: my parents choose a specialty, I choose a university. Their offer was influenced, of course, by the information about the high salaries and luxurious life of those working in the oil industry. But in the end, I’m happy, the choice was right. I clearly see my future and have already started the path of an engineer in the oil and gas industry.

How did you find out about the Yessenov Scholarship and why did you decide to take part in the competition?
I found out about the scholarship at one of SPE events (university community of petroleum engineers). To be honest, I wanted to apply a year earlier, but I considered my candidacy weak. During the year, I improved myself in different areas at maximum speed, then decided to apply and won.

What do you remember the most from the competition?
Not what, but who I remember the most — that is a question. And those are definitely, the holders of the previous year’s scholarship. Their stories, achievements, communication with them inspired, energized and motivated me.

Why do you think you were among the winners?
I was absolutely sure that I would successfully pass the first stage, because I had enough certificates, achievements, a well-written essay. At the interview — that’s the second stage of the competition, I was sincere. I explained to the jury my goals and motives for participating in the competition loud and clear.

What life hacks do you have for those who have such competitions yet to come?
It’s hard in training — it’s easy in battle. Take a lot of time to prepare, determine that you want to WIN, not just to participate and plan your steps to achieve this goal.

What did you do this summer?
I graduated from the university, received the long-awaited diploma with honors. The summer was busy: I studied and rested, spent a lot of time with my family, worried about the future. Now I am in Aktau and have already started working in a large company. My future has already arrived.

What do you remember from your childhood?
I spent it in the small village of Lesnoye, right near the border with Russia. My memories are preserved only in the form of rapid flashes, but I clearly remember my first bright orange bike and the moment when I learned to keep my balance, but not to turn the bike. (laughs)

Tell us more about your family.
Family is the most valuable thing I have. An incredibly strong mother — she is my role model. And dad, thanks to whom I feel protected. Parents work together: they provide transport services and maintain a small grocery store. I have two brothers: Kuanysh (he is a second-year student) and our baby-boy, a five-year-old Yernar. My family is my incredible support. They help to conquer new peaks and teach me, but they allow also to stumble and make own mistakes.

15.08.21, Stories

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