Yessenov Scholarship 2019

Academic Shakhmardan Yessenov Science and Education Foundation announces a competition for 25 monthly student scholarships. The grant is awarded for 12 months and amounts to 25 000 tenge.

Who can participate: citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan who study at Kazakhstani universities on 2-3 courses of Bachelor’s degree or 1 year Master’s degree in geology, IT, medical, technical and engineering specialties.

Number of grants: 25

Required documents:

  1. application form (available on the website of the Foundation;
  2. recommendation of a scientific adviser (the head of the bachelor’s program/master’s program, the head of the department);
  3. Essay: “What have I done and planning to do for the science of Kazakhstan?  What are your priorities and why?” (in any form: audio, video, written);
  4. A copy of the identity card;
  5. transcript (the average score should not be lower than 3);
  6. A copy of the diploma of higher education for students of a master’s degree (bachelor, specialist).

Deadline for submission of documents: until 24.02.2019. All applications must be sent to

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