Research and technology transfer

The three-day conference on the science of earthquakes and their risks in Central Asia was organized with the support of the Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation and together with the Kazakhstan Institute of Seismology attached to the Academy of Sciences, the National Technical University of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and the Earthquake without Borders project.

The conference brought together scientists who study earthquakes from China, Germany, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, India, Iran, Italy, Nepal and the UK and pursued three goals:

  • highlight modern methods used to understand earthquakes in Central Asia
  • organization of forums for discussion and exchange of strategies for mitigating the consequences of earthquake risk
  • Facilitating the effective delivery of scientific principles to representatives of governmental structures and the public.

Venue: KI Satpaev Institute of Geological Sciences (Kabanbai batyr St. corner of the village of Valikhanova, 69/94)

The conference report

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