The grant for universities. English for students and teachers, 2022-2023.

Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation is launching a competition among regional universities of Kazakhstan, that awards a grant to the university to conduct English language program.

Only regional universities of Kazakhstan located outside the cities of Nur-Sultan and Almaty participate in the competition.

The annual number of grants is 160.

Classes run twice a week (each class lasts 90 minutes) for 8 months from October 2022 to May 2023.

At the end of the year, 25 participants with the best attendance, engagement (homework) and progress test results (initial, intermediate and final) are given the opportunity to take an IELTS test at the expense of the Foundation.

Application are to be sent in digital format to Applications are accepted until 31 March, 2022. The winner will be announced on 29 April, 2022.

Contacts (all inquiries):
Phone numbers: 7 701 627 9607 (Aigerim), +7 771 775 1815 (Irina).

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Application (in Russian)
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Participants of the 2 round
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