Physics in Comics

Physics is all around us! Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation collaborated with Khan Comics art-studio is publishing the first Kazakhstani action comic book, where the main characters are acquainted with everyday physics in adventures. Comics are oriented to teenagers and 6+ children, but they will also be interesting for adults.

If you always understood why different time zones exist, but did not think about what they might mean, then you will like the comic. We are to publish 10 comics in Kazakh and Russian, with 2,000 copies of an each issue of the comic. The comic is based on the work of the great science popularizer Yakov Perelman, “Zanimatelnaia Fizika”. Yakov Perelman’s work is very relevant, and for our part, we visualized the information in his works in order to meet the requirements of the present time and graphically understand information. Our main message in comics is the presence of physics and the laws of nature in everyday life and we want to demonstrate that physics is primarily around us, and not just in textbooks.

Comic book characters – four teenagers – explore the world around them, visit the sights of Kazakhstan, and help Physics, the hero of the first comic book story arc, restore balance in nature. Each hero has hiw own unique character, skills, strengths and weaknesses. You can purchase comics in all major bookstores in Kazakhstan.

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