Yessenov Launch Pad 2023

Please read the Program Provisions at the bottom of the page carefully!

Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation announces the opening of a new competition for the provision of 10 (ten) grants for additional training in hard skills and/or soft skills.

If you are:

A citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

Enrolled at a university in Kazakhstan or current specialists;

Specializing in information and communication technologies, natural sciences, maths and statistics and health care;

You want to upgrade your soft and hard skills.

You have the chance to BECOME A GRANT WINNER and take online/offline training up to 12 months!

To do so submit your application down below, including the following documents before May 18, 2023:

Required documents:

Scan of the identity card;

A letter of motivation, in which he should disclose why he needs additional skills and how they will affect his professional and personal life;


Additional documents:

A portfolio demonstrating the candidate’s achievements and/or expressed interests in a particular area of the IT-sphere and provide relevant evidence: – no more than 3 documents;

Recommendations – no more than 1 document;

Certificates for academic achievements, successes in research and/or engineering activities, participation in conferences, seminars of different levels – not more than 3 documents*;

Own, collective publications – no more than 2;

Diploma if available (last place of study) – no more than 1 document;

Certificates for social activity and volunteering – no more than 2 certificates*.

*The Foundation is considering a limited number of certificates. The candidate must self-select the certificates that best reflect his/her achievements.

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