There was a question in the TV quiz show “What? Where? When?” Son of Jack Liber at the beginning of his career was engaged in a rough work: he erased after his colleagues finished the next part. What and where did Stanley erase? The answer to this question explains what new project Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation is working on now. Its purpose is to give Kazakhstan’s junior school students an idea of physics.

After the artists finished working on the next page of the comic book, Stanley Liber erased the extra draft pencil marks drawn. Later Liber himself created many superheroes and became the founder of Marvel Comics. So why did the Kazakh scientific-educational foundation decided to go into comics?

— We are preparing for publication of the series of scientific comics based on the book “Entertaining Physics” by the popularizer of exact sciences and the founder of the genre of entertaining science, mathematician and physiсist Yakov Perelman. The comic book in Kazakh and Russian languages will explain to children aged 10 and older the laws of physics in a clear way, show that they meet them in their daily life every minute and do not even notice it. It will be entirely Kazakh product created by local artists. We would like that more children to develop intellectually, including through such close and clear form as comic book, — said the head of project Nursultan Nurmukhanov.

Yessenov Foundation held a contest and from all of the proposals chose cooperation with the Khan Comics art studio, operating on Kazakhstan market since 2011. Its team consists of 4 professionals: a screenwriter and 3 artists.

— Our studio has published more than 50 comic books, which are distributed not only in Kazakhstan but also abroad. Despite this, this project is also an interesting challenge for us. To transfer applied physics through an action in the comic book is quite an unusual and challenging task. We believe that the product will be dynamic, and children will read it with interest, — shared Orazkhan Zhakyp, head of Khan Comics.

According to plot of the first issue, the main characters get to the Charyn canyon, where they will know about Physics. In the future, they will see other interesting places in our country. Thus, as the creators assume, young readers will have the opportunity to know more about their native country. Comic books will be distributed in the cities of Kazakhstan by the beginning of the next year. Part of the printed circulation of each issue will be delivered to the libraries of general education schools in the country free of charge.

19.07.18, Foundation's news

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