Internships in IT startups 2017

5 grants are allocated to undertake a 6-month long internship at a startup in the Silicon Valley (USA). Winners must be professionals in IT field.

Program eligibility

Applicants must be Kazakhstani citizens over 18, masters program students majoring in IT-related disciplines or practicing specialists who have already received an IT-related degree. Fields in IT: Front end developer, Back end developer, System level programmer, Data scientist, Mobile developer, Database engineer.

Grant amount will cover the period of the internship, a round-trip ticket, accommodation, daily meals on ground, and visa.

Number of grants: 5

Required documents:

  1. CV;
  2. Scan copy of ID;
  3. Motivation letter;
  4. References;
  5. Detailed portfolio demonstrating achievements in IT field;
  6. Certificates of completion of any supplementary courses.

Application call is open from Sep 25 through Oct 22, 2017

Application and all the required documents must be sent to the Foundation’s e-mail:



The 2nd round short-list


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