The Expert Board

  • Rinat Iskakov

    Vice Rector for Academic Affairs and International Relations of the Satpayev University, head of the Center of Chemical Engineering at the Kazakh British Technical University.

  • Arman Suleimenov

    Founder and Generla Director at the Zero To One Labs and nFactorial Academy. Graduate of the Princeton University.

  • Almagul Zhanaidarova

    Ph.D candidate at the University of California, San Diego, in Materials Science/Chemistry.

  • Tilektes Adambekov

    Deputy General Director of the Astana Invest JSC. Graduate of the Tongji University, China.

  • Olzhas Suleimenov

    General Director of the “SHEBERBUILD” construction company.  Winner of the State award “Daryn”. Tongji University graduate. Organizer of the first International Blood Donation charity event in the city of Shanghai to help children – victims of fire.

  • Yerlan Idelbayev

    Ph.D student at the electronic engineering and computer sciences department of the UC Merced. Research fields: machine learning, nonlinear optimization, neural networks, compression of neural networks.

  • Alexey Zazybin

    Ph.D, candidate of chemical sciences, professor at the Satpayev University and the Kazakh British Technical University.


  • Nurlybek Kassimov

    University of Colorado, Boulder, Ph.D. Big data programmer.

  • Eldar Akhmetgaliyev

    Co-founder of the Mocap Analytics and senior data specialist with Sportradar. Caltech graduate (Ph.D).

  • Sagynkul Yerkimbekova

    Production processes engineer in the North Caspian Operating Company. Graduated from the Kazakhstan British Technical University majoring in chemical technology of organic substances.

  • Nurlybek Mursali

    PhD canditate, Stanford University. Bachelor degree in biotechnology from the James Madison University (VA, USA). He is currently carrying out research in stem cells and embriology. A co-founder of the SmartLens company that researches glaucoma.