Graduate studies

We start accepting complete application packages from 2.04.2018 and until 13.05.2018!

Program eligibility

The Program is open to Kazakhstani citizens older than 18, senior students or students with a degree no higher than Bachelor’s who completed their BA diploma in last 5 years, majoring in technical, engineering and natural sciences and invited to the top universities across the globe.

Number of grants: 2

Required documents:

  1. Scan copy of applicant’s national ID;
  2. Scan copy of applicant’s diploma and official transcript (all semesters);
  3. CV;
  4. Detailed portfolio of achievements in science;
  5. An essay on the subject: “I would like to pursue a master’s degree because …”;
  6. Recommendation letter from research advisor;
  7. Official admission acceptance letter from an international university;
  8. Detailed budget to obtain the degree.

Deadline for submitting documents: starting from 04.2018 till 13.05.2018.

Notes: The application must be sent to the e-mail address of the Foundation:

Documents on the program:



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2 round participants
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