In Almaty on March 30 and 31 the selection process for Yessenov Scholarship recipients was completed. The competition gathered 301 applications; the authors of 20 of them became winners. They represent 9 higher educational institutions in Kazakhstan. From April 1st, they will receive 25 thousand tenge per month in addition to their basic scholarship.

In early April, the Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation announced the names of 20 winners of the Yessenov Scholarship Program. 301 students participated in it, but only 40 of them reached the final stage.

— Most of the winners — 15 — study in Almaty and Astana universities. The list also includes three mates from Karaganda; there are representatives of Petropavlovsk and Semey. Most of the fellows (they are 13) – girls, — said the coordinator of the Programs of the Foundation Nursultan Nurmukhanov.

The holders of the Yessenov  Scholarship 2018 are students of the International University of Information Technologies and Satpayev University, Karaganda Technical University and Nazarbayev University, North Kazakhstan State University and Semey State University named after Shakarim. For the first time students of Almaty University of Power Engineering and Communications and Almaty Management University appeared in the list of the Yessenov Scholarship’s holders. The winners of this year’s competition specialize in such fields as computer sciences and space technology, metallurgy and chemistry, information systems and biological sciences, mathematics and nuclear physics, geology and mineral exploration and engineering.

Some of the participants of the contest is not the first time experiencing success in it. So, Altyn Zhelambayeva from Nazarbayev University struggles for the third time to win. . This time she took into account her previous experience, corrected mistakes, improved knowledge and finally won. Under the terms of the competition, the winners of the Scholarship Program should have bright achievements. For example, Almira Zhantuyakova, as the member of Kazakhstan team, won the gold medal in the International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition (iGEM) held at MIT, Boston, in November last year. 310 teams from 44 countries participated in this event. Almira’s team designed a system for cleaning toxic chromium based on genetically modified algae. The students collaborated with the company “Kazchrome” for the purpose of implementation of the invention on its West Kazakhstan production.

Since launch of the program — from 2013 — 50 young Kazakhstanis have already became the Scholarship Program winners. The Program’s budget for five years of its implementation estimated to more than 15 million tenge.

9.04.18, Foundation's news

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