Dilara Sultanova

Specialization: chemical technology of organic substances. Yessenov scholarship recipient (2017-2018).

22-year-old Dilara comes from Kokshetau. A graduate of KBTU won the competition of the Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation and became a recipient of Yessenov scholarship. Her CV includes participation in the international conference on medical chemistry in Russia and several scientific articles.

How did you win the scholarship competition?
For me, this victory is an example of never giving up. “You are not a loser until you give up,” one of my main mottos. I participated in the Yessenov Foundation’s competition for the program “Internships in the world laboratories”. I was not able to prove myself in the final stage at 100%. Therefore I didn’t win in the end. However when I applied for the scholarship program, I prepared, pulled myself together and presented in details my arguments in favor of the fact that the scholarship should be awarded to me, why I deserve it. She showed maximum activity, ingenuity and initiative during the business game, which again surprised with unpredictable tasks and a variety of ideas and views of the participants. And I won.

How the scholarship helped you in the implementation of plans — personal and professional?
Yessenov scholarship was a reliable financial support in the development of professional skills. I was financially independent from my parents. The scholarship was received in the third year, at the end of which all students had to undergo practical training.  I had the opportunity to practice in two well-known oil companies — Tengizchevroil and Karachaganak Petroleum Operating.  And the main part of the scholarship covered the costs associated with accommodation and travel. In addition, I attended IELTS courses, acquired several textbooks and successfully passed the examination itself.

What did you manage to do in a year?
The year was intensive, as it determined my near future. I can name such main achievements as the defense of the diploma with the grade “A” (97 out of 100) and, of course, enrollment in the Nazarbayev University’s Master of Science in Chemical and Materials Engineering program.

What are your plans?
I am very attracted to the oil and gas sector of Kazakhstan, so I plan to gain experience and apply my theoretical knowledge in practice. I think to find a job in one of the companies where I had a practical training. Well, the magistracy is also not far off, but it is too early to talk about it.

16.07.18, Success stories

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