On August 20, a charity project “7 for 7” kicked off in Almaty. Athlete and volunteer Sergey Levadny promised to accomplish 7 triathlon distances for 7 days. The purpose of the project is to raise awareness of citizens and with their help to prepare children with special needs from underprivileged families for school.

“The idea came from international experience. There athletes often make long distances for charitable purposes. I want disabled children to have everything they need for normal schooling even if they study at home. I promise to accomplish 7 half-Ironman distances (swimming – 1.9 km, cycling – 90 km and running – 21.1 km) in 7 days. I will perform this sports program in the morning of each day. I believe that all together we will be able to prepare children for school,” S. Levadny shared his plans.

By running and cycling through the city, swimming in the pool each day of the campaign, the Almaty citizen expects to attract the attention of all people who will see him to the problem of preparing for school children with intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism and hearing impairment.

“Sergey came to us with the idea, and we provided him with a list of such children whose parents find it an impossible task to prepare their kids for school. Some of these dads and moms have disability benefits as the only source of livelihood for the whole family. After all, they were forced to leave work in order to care about sick children. We also informed the organizers of what kind of accessories are needed,” said Galina Ilyina, Director of Almaty branch of the Special Olympics.

The Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation’s coordination center for volunteers Komanda SOS provided Sergey with sports equipment and organizational support while Almaty Triathlon Federation (ATF) is in charge of technical support and judicial control of the campaign.

“To perform 7 distances of half Ironman in 7 days is a Herculean task”, said Kazakhstan Ironman, triathlete and trainer Maxim Mazur. “This can’t be done by any athlete. But I know Sergey as a strong spirited triathlete. He has a very good physical condition and I believe that he will succeed!”

From the first day of the charity event – August 20 — the collection of school supplies (backpacks, notebooks, pens, covers, pencils, pens, etc.) begins. The center of the collection will be the largest fitness club in Almaty. Every caring and concerned resident or guest of the Kazakh megapolis can personally participate in getting children ready for school. It is enough to contact Komanda SOS staff by phone in Almaty: +7 727 346 92 88. The collection of school kits will be wrapped up on August 28, and August 29 is scheduled for delivery of the presents to children with special needs.

This is not the first Sergey Levadny’s humanitarian event. Two years ago, with the help of his charitable ultratriathlon, the athlete was able to organize assistance in preparing 48 schoolchildren from low-income families in Almaty for school.

20.08.18, Foundation's news

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